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Our History
Our company is composed of research and development core team composed of senior technical personnel engaged in filtration and purification industry for more than ten years, dedicated to the research of gas and liquid filtration separation technology and purification field.
From production, detection to factory, strictly control every link.
Our product quality has been leading the industry, we have provided OEM filter matching services for a number of vacuum pump manufacturers.
The company is located in Dongguan City, China, with strong industrial foundation, developed logistics and convenient transportation. It has been focusing on the research and manufacture of purification and filtration equipment in the field of environmental protection for many years. With the human society on the environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, Lvge has been trying to innovate, constantly improve the quality of products and services!
Our Factory
Our company has more than 40 sets of advanced production equipment and testing equipment, laboratory equipment can meet a series of tests from materials to finished products, as well as test reliability and service life in the development of new products.
Our Product
Oil mist separator/ intake filter/ replacement filter cartridge for Leybold, BUSCH, Elmo Rietschle and BECKER
Product Application
The company has wide application range, including vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum smelting, food packaging, plastic absorption, rubber vulcanization etc.
Our Certificate
Patent for Utility Model銆両SO銆丆PSC銆丆NAS
Production Equipment
Ultrasonic welding machine, folding machine, can sealing machine, cutting machine, automatic net welding machine, punch machine, leak detector, rolling machine
Production Market
We have China's domestic market in the different area
Italy company TBF also working with us as our agent
Our Service
The regular product shall be guaranteed for three months.
About quality problems, within one month, unconditional exchange or refund.
If there is the quality problems Within three months , also unconditional exchange, and we promised, in order to avoid affecting to normal production of customers, we can replace before return(You don't have to wait for it to be returned and we will send the new one out).Vacuump Pump Oil Mist Separator for LeyBold SV100

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