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BABSL oil seal is the usual name of general seal, which is simply the seal of lubricating oil. Oil seals are generally divided into monomer type and assembly type. Assembly type is that the framework and lip materials can be freely combined, which is generally used for special oil seals. From the sealing function, characteristics, structure type, working state and sealing mechanism of oil seal, it can be divided into many forms and different names. But in general, the lip seal ring of rotating shaft is called oil seal, and the seals for static seal and dynamic seal (generally reciprocating motion) are called seals.
High pressure oil seal is mainly used for the standard seal of rotating shaft. It is vulcanized and connected by metal framework and elastic layer in the mold. It is mainly used in low pressure and high-speed rotating occasions. The framework oil seal has the ability of self dustproof. Such as engine, vehicle transmission system, mercury, motor, gearbox seal.High Pressure Oil Seal

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